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Single Review: Jacob Bryant - "Heartbeat"



                                                                     JACOB BRYANT


                                                               American Roots Records/Thirty Tigers





With January 14, 2022 quickly approaching (the release date for Bar Stool Preache), Jacob Bryant is giving us several different looks at what we can expect from his new album when it drops; First with the ultra-autobiographical “Devil & an Old Six String,” and now with his newest single, “Heartbeat.”

Known mostly for his raw, honest vocals and grittier sound, Bryant refreshingly surprises fans with a bit of a different feel on “Heartbeat” as he leans a sexy lyric against softer instrumentation that recalls the not so long-ago era of country music when songs like these were always surefire radio hits.

Wrapped around a prominent pedal steel that laces the instrumentation, Bryant quickly shifts you to the lyric through his sultry delivery of the wants, needs, and emotions that come at the beginnings of when you’re falling crazy in love with your better half, and you want to show them how much you appreciate being with them in an intimate fashion.

“Let me tell you what I’m thinking, let me tell you what I’m needing,” are the lines that open the song, before Bryant than shifts the focus from his own wants to her needs when he sings the reassuring line of “just in case you hadn’t noticed, I just wanna be your man”; something that he also does again later in the song when he sings, “Take my hand, let me lead the way.”

Plain and simple, though, this is a song all about a night in with each just each other, and Bryant certainly doesn’t skimp out on the steamy side of what comes with those types of nights as he uses the chorus to paint a vivid picture of closing the shades, kissing the world away, and then waking up next to each other.

He continues exploring an even steamier side of their night in together, singing in the second verse, “Let the fire burn, let your hair fall, let a single touch say it all.” 

Songs for couples who are in love are all too often getting left out of country music lately. Jacob Bryant, however, has done an incredible job of reeling them back in with the release of “Heartbeat,” and has just given couples their newest song to add to their date night mixtapes for suitable use when they want to set the mood just right.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)