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Single Review: Seaforth - "What I Get For Loving You"




                                                                "What I Get For Loving You"

                                                                Arista Nashville




Breakup songs and tales of heartache have been a mainstay in country music since its inception.  Sadness, betrayal, and heartbreak are a common part of life unfortunately, and naturally, we turn to music to help us speak our minds and comfort our thoughts. 

Australian duo Seaforth has become one of the fastest-rising “artists to know” in the industry since moving from their native country to the United States in 2017.  Their latest effort, “What I Get For Loving You”, is a classic breakup tale told through beautifully harmonized vocals and stripped down piano.

When we first met, I knew you were gonna break my heart

I’d either say I do, or it was gonna fall apart

And we almost made it, turned that page, but it turned to sorry

I can’t do this no more

The vocals of members Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson are showcased to perfection and excel on this track.  The focus of this tune is the lyrical message, and while there is the absence of a catchy hook, the harmonies soar and the emotions erupt through the listener as the musical story unfolds.

Their incredible and seemingly effortless vocal delivery is spectacular, and their ability to deliver the passion behind the lyrics is nothing short of inspirational.

“What I Get For Loving You” follows “Queen of Daytona Beach”, preceded by tunes like “Breakups”, “Close Enough”, and “Talk About”.  Since releasing their debut EP in 2019 via Sony Nashville, they have continued to establish themselves as one of the more vocally talented duos in the genre.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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