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Single Review: Carolyn Miller - "New Wore Off"



                                                                      CAROLYN MILLER

                                                                "New Wore Off" 

                                                                Independent Release





Carolyn Miller has moved leaps and bounds ahead of the up-and-coming status tag and into the elite group of new artists who have arrived.

Using CMA Fest as her jumping off point, Miller recently introduced her exciting Nashville-based female showcase “Women of Country Presents: Carolyn Miller & Friends”; this coming on the back of a huge amount of buzz that had already been surrounding her cover of Sugarland’s “Stay” from earlier this year.

Miller now continues to ride that momentum with “New Wore Off,” her first of four original songs scheduled to release in 2022.  

Written by Davis Branch, Frank Legeay and Hailey Verhaalen, the song carries a decisively modern feel that’s built for today’s top 40, while lyrically providing a unique take on love gone stale as Miller comes at it from the perspective of rekindling love by revisiting the places and feelings they experienced when they first started out together.

As she’s listing all the different activities that they used to do, which they can also be doing again now to rekindle that flame, we get a perfectly painted picture of their young love as she mentions things like getting lost down a gravel road while sliding across the seat to be close to one another, heading downtown for a wild night out, or just staying in and making out on the couch.

All these things mentioned, though, are designed to push you into the chorus where the conflict is brought to light that they’ve hit a lull in their relationship as Miller sings, “cause lately I’ve been feelin’ like the fire’s been burning out,” but she also very optimistically states, “I don’t mean that it’s too late or that we’re too far gone to save.”

What I love about this song is how its entire dynamic changes in the final chorus when Miller shifts the lyrics with one very well-placed reaffirmation of, “when life gets crazy I ain’t leaving…yeah, I guess that’s love.”

Carolyn Miller’s star is certainly rising quickly amongst a very crowded country music scene, and by delivering a modern crafted song that touches on a very familiar subject matter she pulls the listener in. However, by steering away from the notion of running away and calling it quits when things get stale/tough like so many songs of this nature are doing lately, Miller breathes freshness into the idea and connects it with a huge demographic that’s too often overlooked – long-term relationship and married folks!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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