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Single Review: Johnny Day ft. Zack Dyer - "Every Beer Every Bar"



                                                                      JOHNNY DAY

                                                                      FT. ZACK DYER

                                                                "Every Beer Every Bar'" 

                                                                Wild West Records




Kersey, CO singer-songwriter Johnny Day has released his latest single, “Every Beer Every Bar”, via Wild West Records.  Co-written by Morgan Evans, Zack Dyer, and Lindsay Rimes, the track also features Dyer on vocals.

This is a breakup song, detailing all the things the singer is doing to try to get over the love gone wrong.  After trying everything from hanging with a new crowd to yoga, the result is trying to drink every beer and every bar.  While obviously not a concrete solution, it represents just how hard he has fallen for his lost love and how bad he’s hurting without her.

This is a catchy, hooky, sing-along tune that the listener will appreciate immediately.  Dyer’s vocals flow effortlessly alongside Day’s, and the rock influence on this track is adequately intertwined alongside the stereotypical country twang we come to expect from a modern release.  While the subject matter is somber, this is a fun song to dance to, sing along to, or sit back and jam to while on the open road.

Johnny Day has long been a fan of Brad Paisley, who, along with Keith Urban, Brent Mason, and Shania Twain, influenced him to pursue a career in music.  From his vocals to his emphatically unique guitar licks, Paisley’s music has inspired Johnny’s artistry and has motivated him to move from Colorado to Nashville to take his career to the next level.

With a team behind him and a passion and talent to match, Day is well on his way to make some waves on the up-and-coming country music circuit.  Be on the lookout from an upcoming full project from this talented singer-songwriter.  For now, enjoy the up-beat “Every Beer Every Bar”.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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