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Single Review: Cash Creek - "The Great Indoors"



                                                                      CASH CREEK

                                                                "The Great Indoors" 

                                                                CCB Nashville





When 2022 started and we first heard about CCB Nashville’s #newmusicfriday initiative of releasing a new song each week from one of the artists on their talented roster, ambitious was the only word that came to our minds.

Since then, the label has been able to give us a solid example of the defining signatures that RT Johnson and Jamey D bring to the table, while Megan Mullins Owen and Cash Creek have veered away from any preconceived notions about their signature sounds to present an all-around look at who they are as artists.

By not being able to ever be boxed into one direction or the other, Cash Creek has offered us a perspective shifting cover of Maggie Rose’s “It’s You,” taken us straight to a two-steppin’ honky-tonk through “It Feels Good,” and delivered the very powerful “January.” 

Having just released “January” in April, however, one had to ask how the band could follow up such a heart tugging lyrical masterpiece.

The simple answer is that you don’t even try to. However, the more complex answer is that you wisely release a song that will stand apart from it and take the music in a completely different directional shift.

That’s what they’ve done with “The Great Indoors.”

With an edgier, rocking tempo that dips into their 90’s country flare, Cash Creek uses a great play on words to touch on all the familiar references that define a man as an outdoor man, but only simply using them to very cleverly shift focus to him actually wanting a steamy night indoors with his better half. 

“Got a wild cat waiting and I’m headed for her lair”

“I’m hunting something, it ain’t it in the woods.”

“I’m headed for the great indoors, got a wild life on my mind.”

“Gonna camp out in your living room, snuggle up on the rug make love by the fire light.”

Cash Creek has been consistent in offering us several different looks at who they are as artists, and this song absolutely continues to follow suit.

We haven’t really heard anything as lyrically playful as this from them over these past few months, so it plays like a breath of fresh air. However, it does also lean on their natural honky-tonk kissed country sound and does the trick of advancing them into something that doesn’t quite weigh as heavy as “January” as we stroll into the up-tempo, warmer weather months.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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