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Single Review: Megan Mullins Owen - "One of These Days"



                                                                      MEGAN MULLINS

                                                                "One of These Days" 

                                                                CCB Nashville





The CCB Nashville label has really been able put their artist roster on full display with their #newmusicfriday initiative throughout 2022; a super ambitious plan of releasing a new song every Friday of the year.

As is par for the course, the first Friday of every month gets a release from the ultra-talented, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Megan Mullins Owen.

While each artist on the label roster has been able to carve out their specific niche and find a clear-cut path within their signature sound, Mullins Owen always keeps the listener a bit more on their toes by throwing caution to the wind and putting out great song after great song while never really allowing herself to fit squarely into one box or another.

She’s delivered a more western swing style on “This Good Is Gettin’ Better,” tugged us into a modern country driven sound with “Trampoline,” and she now returns with “One of These Days,” a song which she co-wrote with Nicole Lea Yraguen that sees her once again sliding into a bit of a different style than we’ve heard from her past releases in that it throws back to the early 2000’s era of country.

With a toe-tapping rhythm smashing into slick guitar riffs and a prominent pedal steel weaving an infectious groove, she sings us through an anthem about being exactly who you are no matter who is trying to change you.

Setting the lyrical idea in motion, Mullins Owen sings us through the opening verse by addressing what’s already been said to her by someone -  presumably a boyfriend – about how worried he is about her wild ways, how he wants her to walk the straight and narrow, etc.

However, it’s when we hit the chorus that she raises the strong anthem like qualities into the forefront and elevates the power punch of the song by spewing out lines that tilt into some sarcastic like tones as she stands toe-to-toe with those accusations to be better:

One of these days I’ll get it together

One of these days I’ll straighten up and fly right.” 

All designed to perfectly lead to the amazingly strong hook that doses the song with the signature sass we often get from her when she sings with a spitfire quality to her voice, “Maybe one of these days I just might, but one of these days ain’t gonna start tonight.”

What Megan Mullins Owen always seems to be able to accomplish, even within the varying styles that she’s been putting out, is that she finds all the perfect placements for the key signatures that make her unique, and then snuggly fits them into her overall vibe to place her in a category that she can proudly call her own.

By releasing great songs that focus on her signature feels regardless of the style, she effectively keeps the listener wondering what else she still has up her sleeve; a surefire way to keep everyone on the edge of their seat thus already instantly increasing the anticipation for her next song release in June!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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