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Single Review: Eddie Ray Arnold - "Rock Your World"



                                                                      EDDIE RAY ARNOLD

                                                                "Rock Your World" 

                                                                Enamant Records





With song releases such as “We Don’t Break,” “Beautiful Day,” and the very strong “Old Faded Pictures,” Eddie Ray Arnold has refreshingly brought back a prominent 90’s country vibe while splicing in all the proper modern touches to give his overall sound a fresh, though throwback type of feel.

That’s exactly what he’s doing again on his newest release, “Rock Your World.” 

The song, co-written by Arnold and Corey Lee Barker, sits squarely on a catchy, float on the breeze mid-tempo melody that immediately wraps around you like a warm summertime hug.

However, where many songs with a similar feel will tilt the lyrics toward a toe in the sand or sitting by the water styled lyric, Arnold very wisely slides away from the common themes associated with the warmer weather months and focuses instead on an ultra-connectible idea of falling in love across a honky-tonk dancehall floor.

Leading us through the flirtatious verses, Arnold then cuts right to the point when he challenges that if they’re both thinking the same way about each other, then they ought to stop wasting time and allow themselves to get carried away.

This, however, is all designed to push you into the chorus where he sings of wanting to bring her out to the dancefloor so that she can feel just like he is as he’s falling head over heels for her, ultimately pulling you into the incredible, albeit suggestive hook of, “I want to rock your world tonight, the way you’re rocking mine.”

Though themes like this have been done ten times over in country music, Arnold does a lot of things right with this song that make it stand out from the pack.

He’s not only given us a song about wanting to dance with the one you’re sweet on while upholding the lyrical idea within its melody so much that it makes you want to head out onto the dancehall floor for a riveting two step with your better half, but he also cleverly never really defines whether this is a new girl who he’s just flirting with at the honky-tonk, or if perhaps it’s his longtime flame/lover.

Playing off the idea that this is leaning more so toward that latter notion, then this song becomes that much stronger in that it sees him endearingly continuing to fall deeper in love with who he already has by his side, effectively adding an entirely different dynamic to its emotional tug that gives it a leg up on the competition.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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