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Show Review: Shy Carter at The Skydeck at Assembly Food Hall



Wednesday May 11, 2022

@ The Skydeck at Assembly Food Hall in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

Owning the distinction of being the largest rooftop in downtown Nashville, the Skydeck at Assembly Food Hall atop the complex at 5th and Broadway provides the best views of the city scape from high above the neon lights in an atmosphere that brings together a sleek, ritzy side of things with a completely chilled out and laid-back comfort zone.

These two aspects have perfectly combined with an incredible stage and spectacular sound system to make the Skydeck quickly become a favorite venue for national acts, top-notch songwriters, and some of the best young talent emerging on the music scene today.

Shy Carter is the perfect combination of all these aspects.

Carter has experienced tremendous success as a songwriter outside the country music realm, landing several major cuts including Rob Thomas’ #1 “Someday,”  Charlie Puth’s double platinum “One Call Away,” and many more!

Inside the walls of country music, Carter’s songwriting expertise has earned him incredible  amounts of success with songs such as Keith Urban’s “God Whispered Your Name,” Billy Currington’s “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To,” Tim & Faith’s “Speak to A Girl,” Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue,” and Kane Brown’s “Heaven” and “Good as You.”

Shy Carter the recording artist has made a very quick impact, emerging on the country music scene by bending the genre lines of country into pop, soul, and R&B through songs such as “Good Love” and “Hurry,” but then skillfully sliding back into the modern country vibe with his recently released single “Beer with My Friends,” which included both Cole Swindell and David Lee Murphy singing alongside him.

On this night, as part of his rooftop residency, Shy Carter first acted as the host of the party by introducing new talent to the crowd; whether it was 17 year old Relentless Records recording artist Raven taking the stage with her soulful flavored pop, or his own younger brother Micha Carter who brought a smooth, sexy, and soulful vibe to the stage that immediately made you understand his role in the co-writing of “God Whispered Your Name.”

However, with the sun now completely hidden by the nighttime sky, Shy Carter’s performance brought the energy level of the party to an amped up height that never let up and only got stronger with each song he played as he went deeper and deeper into his set.

The groove heavy dance beat of “Deep South Summer” allowed Carter to showcase all the many facets of who he is as an artist and songwriter in one fell swoop, while instantly getting the crowds heads bobbing with the rhythm as their shoulders danced along with the rousing set opener.

Continuing to set the party atmosphere in motion, Carter kept everything upbeat and catchy with “She Wants the Cash” and “Bring It Back,” the latter which saw him taking a deep dive into his catalog back to 2015.

With the crowd now 100% revved up, Carter then fluidly switched gears from his pop driven side to swerve more into his more country kissed ideals on “Beer With My Friends,” during which he left the stage and came down into the crowd to stand amongst them as hip hop grooves were spliced into the song allowing him to spit the fiery lyrics while adding an eclectic element to the ultra-catchy feel.

Staying squarely in the country music lane, he delivered “It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To,” which aptly allowed him to slide in and out of the soulful side that would set the tone for the middle of his set that included him strolling deeper into the crowd and directly singing “Hurry” to several females in the audience, delivering the positive vibes of “Good Love,” and bringing the venue to a standstill as they leaned in closer to listen to his rendition of “Good As You,” the smash hit that he wrote with Kane Brown.

Riding the wave of the healthy dose of positivity, Carter then delivered “I’ll Take You High,” a song, that much like “Good Love,” stayed focused on being the shoulder for someone in need.

“We got any Sugarland fans in the house?” Carter asked as he was met with a huge ovation. “This is a little song I wrote with them,” he finished as he played “Stuck Like Glue,” but unlike the version we’re already familiar with, Carter made it completely his own by fusing in more reggae like tones that saw him grooving with a crowd of fans who kept up with him move by move.

“I want to give a shout-out to my little brother for writing this last one with me,” Carter said as he brought couples close into one another when he played “God Whispered Your Name” to close out the night.

The setting couldn’t be more perfect on the Skydeck then it already is. It’s clearly the place to be when you’re in Nashville. However, when you fuse in a performance that brings the party, knows all the right moments to slow it down, and keeps the crowd singing along, you experience the true essence of what Nashville is all about in one perfect moment - A moment like Shy Carter just created!


1) Deep South Summer

2) She Wants the Cash

3) Bring It Back

4) Beer With My Friends

5)  It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To

6) Hurry

7) Good Love

8) Good As You

9) I’ll Take You High

10) Stuck Like Glue

11) God Whispered Your Name


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