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You can imagine the amounts of pitches that we see week in and week out at Today’s Country Magazine from independent artists, but every so often one will come along that instantly catches our immediate attention and perks up our ears. That’s exactly what happened when Alyssa Marie Coon reached out to us with her most current single “Put It Down.” We recently had the chance to check in with her about the new single, co-writing, recently playing the V.I.P. area at the Jonas Brothers/Kelsea Ballerini concert, if moving to Nashville is in the cards once she graduates from high school, and much more!

TCM Single Review: "Put It Down"



1. Tell us a little bit about your current single “Put It Down.”

“Put It Down” is a song I wrote about having a crush on someone and never wanting to put my phone down until they texted me back. I never want to put my phone down when I think about my crush.

2. Being a younger artist that’s grown up surrounded by technology, how important did you feel that the message of this song was to get out there to your fans to help them through similar type of situations they may be going through?

I thought it was very important because I know when my crush see’s my text and doesn’t respond, or takes a while to respond, I have these feelings, and I know other people must too.

3. In what ways do you feel “Put It Down” is different than your recent releases, “Real Good Night” and “16,” but also, what signatures do you feel are woven throughout each song that are defining who you are as an artist?

“Put It Down” is different than my other releases because I feel it gives more of a storyline and it has more of a pop feel than my other songs. I think that my specific style is woven in and out of these songs, staying on the topic of real things I do in my life.

4. There is a lyric video for “Put It Down,” just as there was for “Real Good Night,” “16,” and several of your other songs. Is there also a music video in the works for the song or not at this time?

There is no music video planned for it now, so just the lyric video.

5. Switching gears, you recently shared a song called “Break It Fast” on your social media pages, which you co-wrote with Steel Ivory. What do you like the most about co-writing songs and what does working with other writers on a song offer to it that just writing by yourself doesn’t?

I personally love co-writing. Working with others to create something great is always fun. It also really helps when I cannot think of a specific word, and the people I’m working with do. It’s great to hear other input.

6. Speaking of writing songs by yourself; what is your process for writing when you are the solo songwriter on one of your songs? Lyrics first? Melody first? Where do your song ideas come from? Etc.

When working alone, I do not have a process. Most of the time I just wait for the music and lyrics to come to me, and when it does, that is where I start first. It changes almost every time.

7. Your live show has earned you a lot of praise. For someone who has never seen you play live, what does an Alyssa Marie Coon live performance offer them that just listening to your music doesn’t?

I think when I perform, you can really see who I really am as an artist. Not only musically, but it also gives you a look at my personality. I love performing.

8. In addition to stating Danielle Bradbery as one of your main influences, you also list Kelsea Ballerini. Tell us about your recent experience playing in the V.I.P. area ahead of her concert with the Jonas Brothers at the iThink Financial Amphitheatre.

Playing the V.I.P. at the Jonas Brothers concert was an awesome experience. I got to perform at a concert with people I look up too. I met many awesome people that night. Kelsea Ballerini also performed, and I look to her majorly.

9. You’ve worked with studio in our own backyard of Nashville, and you play at a lot of sister venues to ours in your home state of Florida including Ole Red and Tin Roof. Though you’re still only in high school right now, is moving to Nashville to pursue your music career something you see in the future?

Yes! Moving to Nashville is something I dream of doing someday in the future. After high school, I am looking at applying to a few colleges in the Nashville area.

10. What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

I would tell them to never give up and always stay true to who you are. In the end, there is only one you, so be who you want to be.

Learn more about Alyssa Marie Coon by visiting her official website at: https://alyssamariecoonmusic.com/




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