Q&A with Sam L. Smith


Emerging artist Sam L. Smith has been building a solid name for himself through his recent song releases “Teach Me How To Love” and “Miracle Mile,” as well as with his previous project This Is Me. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Smith and talk with him about both songs, the This Is Me project, the importance of upholding his Christian beliefs through his music, his barrel racing passion, and much more!


1. You’ve recently released a new single “Teach Me How To Love.” Tell us a little bit about the song and what we can expect from it.

It’s definitely a song that caught my attention the first time I heard it. When you hear “Teach Me How To Love Again” you’ll hear a 90’s country sound. The song talks about your heart being broken and wishing that you could find someone that can love you again. 

2. The song is the follow-up to “Miracle Mile.” Why did you feel that this was a good follow-up release, and what does it show about you as an artist that is different than what we’ve heard in the past?

“Miracle Mile” was pitched to me by Bill Dilugi, and when I first heard it, I thought it had so much potential to be a really sweet song; Just had to put the right production behind it and that’s what we did; put a new sound to country music. 

3. Both songs do have music videos attached to them - About making the videos. What was the experience like? How was the experience different the second time around? Etc.

It was an awesome experience - nerve racking too - but it was nice to get behind a camera and really show off my personality. Second time around was more exciting because I was a little more prepared about what to expect. Can’t wait for y’all to see new videos in the future! 

4. Neither of these singles come from your latest album, This Is Me. Are these two songs stand-alone releases, or will they be part of an upcoming project such as an EP or album?

“Miracle Mile” and “Teach Me How To Love Again” will be part of an upcoming project that is in the making. 

5. On the subject of This Is Me– Tell us more about the album. In what ways do you think that it overall describes your music and who you are as an artist the most?

The “This is Me” album really describes me as an artist. I love to share country music, but I get a blessing when I can help spread the word of Jesus Christ through music. 

6. The album includes covers of MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine” and Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train.” What do those two songs mean to you that made you want to include them on your album?

I love both of those songs. “I Can Only Imagine” is a song that a lot of people know and can relate to, and I always thought about putting it in my version. “Long Black Train” was the song that I got my start with, and everywhere I went people always asked for that song, so I decided to put it on my Christian Country project. 

7. What is your personal favorite song from the album and why?

I love all the songs, but I definitely love “This is Me” because it really tells how God can change your life forever if you just accept Him. 

8. You’ve been labeled as a Christian Country artist, and we’ve talked a little bit about that. How important is it to you that you uphold that side of who you are throughout all you do as an artist, and in what ways does it affect your song selection (especially if looking through songs from outside writers)?

It’s very important. I love singing Christian Country and Country Music. I want to be a light to people in either genre I sing. I make sure I have to believe in what I’m singing before I’ll even consider it. 

9. Switching gears for one question – Outside of music, you also are a competitive barrel racer. Tell us more about that. How you got involved? How often you compete? How does it intertwine with your music?

Absolutely! I’ve competed my whole life. My family has been involved in barrel racing and horses for a long time, so I just grew up around the cowboy lifestyle and culture of everything from working on the farm to racing horses. I’d say I compete at least once a month. It’s been pretty cool in the past. When I go to horse shows I’m asked to either do a concert or a cowboy church service, so I usually squeeze my music in somehow. 

10. What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

The best thing I could advise someone is to really believe in what you do and pursue it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because if your heart is in it then you definitely can. My favorite verse in the Bible is Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 


Learn more about Sam L. Smith by visiting his official website at:  https://samlsmith.com/



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