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Australian based actress, dancer, choreographer and singer/songwriter, JD Reynolds recently released the visually powerful lyric video for her newest single “Rebound.” We recently had the incredible opportunity to chat with her about the stunning lyric video, all the imagery that she put it in it and why she did, the impactful and very necessary message of the song, her previous single “Whatever,” and much much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis



1) You’ve recently released your new song “Rebound.” Tell us a little bit about the song.

“Rebound” is about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and getting back on the horse after a breakup. 

2) Though it’s about a relationship breakup, what about the overall message of getting back up after you get knocked down made this such an important song for you to release with all that’s going on around us in the world right now.

This song is about rebounding back to life, and I think that message is really important in today's world, especially with the past couple of years we have all endured. So, whether it be a breakup, a setback, a knockback or heartbreak, we have to find a way to rebound back to life as best we can.

3) “Rebound” follows the tremendous success you experienced with “Whatever.” Why did you feel that this was the perfect song to open your next chapter with?

“Whatever” is really close to my heart, and the love it's still receiving is so humbling. That moment after a setback, for me, I say "WHATEVER" and don't feel the pain. Same with a breakup, I don't feel anything at first, but after a while you let the emotion in and reflect, and that's when you feel it. I go from “Whatever” to “Rebound.” It works for me. 

4) In what ways do you feel “Rebound” is similar to what your fans have heard from your music in the past, but also, how do you feel it unveils something a little different with a fresh new feel as well?

My fans know I sing straight from my heart, and when they hear my songs back-to-back, they hear the story. Once the album is released later this year, they'll have heard the first chapter of an interesting journey, one I know a lot of people will relate to.

5) You’re more than just a singer/songwriter in that you also do acting, dancing, choreography, etc. How much did those other outlets play a role in the planning stages of the incredible new lyric video for “Rebound.”

When writing “Rebound,” I see images that guide the lyrics, and this moment of taking the dress and heels for a stroll and leaving them in the paddock, it happened, I did that, so the lyric video is reenacting a true story.  As an actor, I reflect on real life experiences to convey emotions on screen, so the feeling of being so lost and deep in thought in the lyric video, it's real. 

6) On the subject of the lyric video, tell us a little bit about the overall concept of it. How you came up with it? Who came up with it? Etc.

I wrote the storyboard for the video. I wanted to reenact that real-life moment of me taking the dress and heels for a stroll through the paddock and baring my soul to the cows. The dress and heels needed to be featured like they do in the song, as did the cows. 

I asked my mum to film this reenactment, it was too personal to ask anyone else. Mum is a brilliant photographer and has started getting into videography. Mum was there for me after I ran back to the house that day, so she knew exactly how to capture the emotion for the lyric video.

7) In a very poetic way, you carry a dress and high heel shoes that used to mean so much to you throughout the lyric video, eventually dropping them by the end of it. Talk about the symbolism of that with us.

True story. I left them there. They were reminders and I did not want to be reminded.  It was a friend who saw them the following day still hanging on the fence and brought them back up to the house. I'm glad they did, it would not have felt the same if I used a different dress or pair of heels for the cover or video. 

8) Whereas most lyric videos are simply that, just lyrics that flash across the screen ala a karaoke style, yours plays out more like a music video than that. Why was it so important to you to have the stark visuals alongside the lyrics rather than just the words themselves?

I wanted a visual for the “Rebound” lyric video that would draw my fans into the moment with me. I wanted them to take that stroll with me, I wanted them there with me. 

9) In what ways do you feel that the visual aspects of the video really enhance the lyrics of the song that much more that might not have been there had you just flashed the lyrics across the screen?

I wanted my fans to see the infamous dress and heels I sing about in “Rebound.” They see them on the cover, but it was important for me to show them in the video, to watch the dress moving when it's caught in the wind, to see the colours of the heels, to bring them to life. 

10) What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artists who are just trying to break into the music business?

The one person who wholeheartedly believes in you and has your back, take them everywhere you go, and keep the faith in yourself no matter what. 


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