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Emily Faye, who many will recognize from her latest single “Summer Feeling,” is about to announce her brand-new project, and as quiet as she’s been about it, we were able to recently sit down and chat with her and get some inside pieces to the puzzle. We talked about what to expect from her upcoming single “When It Comes To Leaving,” promoting her music in her home country of the UK versus how to approach the US market with it, her songwriting approach, her secret song club and how to get involved in it, and so much more! 

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis



1) You’re going to be officially announcing your brand-new project soon, but is there anything you can tell us about it ahead of the official announcement? 

Yes, I am so excited! It all starts with a song… 

2) Have you picked out a lead single from the project yet? If so, what song should we begin looking for and when can we start expecting to hear it?

‘When It Comes To Leaving’ will be yours Friday 27th May and I hope you’re gonna love it! 

3) What can we expect from the new song & the new project overall that may be different than we have heard from you in the past? But also, what signature similarities will we hear?

My next single dips a toe back into country with a slight Stevie Nicks vibe. I chose this because I thought it’s what was best for the song ,and I hope you will agree! So, it’s a little different from ’Summer Feeling’ (My previous single). The similarities would probably be the positivity in the lyrics and (hopefully) a catchy hook!

4) Is there one song from the new project that you absolutely can’t wait to share with your fans? If so why this song in particular? What does it mean to you?

‘When It Comes To Leaving’ has got me through living a double life almost as I travel a lot between two places - Jersey and the UK. I have loved ones in both places and sometimes going from one to the other makes me feel a little unsettled as goodbyes can be hard. So, this song has brought me comfort during those times. It was like Jess Thristan and I wrote it (without realizing) for that purpose. 

5) Being as though you’re from the UK, is the project mostly seeing a promotion plan for the UK, or will you be pushing this new project in the states as well?

Most of my fanbase is UK based but I would also love to reach out to the US of course. The more people who listen the merrier! I guess the power of social media is you can reach people all over the world, plus I’ve got the awesome Rachel from Scarlett River PR on board for this release, and she is just great. 

6) Staying on this road for a question…what are the challenges that arise between promoting in the UK vs promoting in the states? Are there different approaches to it, different views from radios on new acts, etc?

I think that the one difference between the US and UK with country music specifically is that it’s widely known, and a hugely popular genre in the US, it’s commercially recognized. In comparison to here in the UK where there is a smaller but super loyal audience. I do believe with more events like C2C it could grow though.

7) Let’s switch gears and chat about songwriting. What is your songwriting process? Lyrics first, music first, or both just coming together in the right ways at the same time?

Usually, I go with subject first. I think about the subject of the song or the ‘punch line’ and go from there. I’ll then try and write something on guitar or piano and sing along to it to find a good melody and then will start thinking of lyrics once I’ve drafted that, but sometimes I change it up. I feel it’s good to challenge yourself and try different ways of doing things to keep that part of your brain on it.

8)When you’re choosing who to co-write with rather than pen a song by yourself, what are some of the qualities that you look for in co-writers?

Usually, I’ll check out their music or songs they have penned or ask a trusted colleague if they have written with them and how they found it, but a huge part of deciding to write with someone for me is if they are a nice person and if you like their songs. I also look out for if they say things in the way other people don’t, or those clever one liners or really beautiful imagery in their lyrics. 

9)One of the exciting things that you’ve recently created is your secret song club. Can you tell our readers more about it and how they can become a member of it?

Yes of course! I love my Secret Song Club! It’s a place for fans to have their say and for us to connect and really that’s the most important thing, right? I also share two unheard songs a month, and there is much more to come! You can sign up here -https://www.patreon.com/emilyfayemusic for just £5 a month, and it is a way of artists having a regular income, I really wish I’d stared it sooner! 

10) What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artists just trying to break into the music business

I have 5 pieces!

1. Always be yourself. For example, there is already a Taylor Swift in the world, so you’re never going to be her, be as authentically you as you can be.

2. Believe in yourself. Totally easier said than done, but if you don’t believe in you nobody else will

3. Don’t be a dick. This is a classic one, you can be the most talented person in the room, but if you’re not decent, kind, or respectful then you just won’t get the gig - whatever that may be. It’s so easy to be kind. 

4.Hustle. Work hard. Working hard creates the opportunities and what is meant for you is meant for you, what is meant for someone else is meant for them.

5. Try not to compare. It’s so easy to do these days especially with social media, we’re all guilty of it. So, remember your journey is your journey and stay in your lane, on your path, sometimes you gotta put those blinkers on. 




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